140 characters isn’t likely to be enough all the time, so this will be a spot for an occasional longer thoughts on publishing. My goal is to try and open a door into the world of Bethany House and what we do here from acquisitions through printed page. We love our books, love our authors, and love bringing stories of faith alive for readers. Hopefully I can share a little of that here.

The old page is still up at faithinfiction.blogspot.com. Lots of old thoughts on writing. Most still probably apply, some I’m sure are out of date.


One response to “About

  1. Hi, Dave — I’m glad to have this resource, as well as your old blogspot posts. I’ve read a number of the old posts, and you’ve given me much to think about — like your question at the end of the “Ramifications of a Crowded Field” post: *Do you want to be part of a trend or do you want to be one of the few who carry faith-filled fiction to places still unimagined?* I got shivers from reading that one.

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